Tuesday, March 16, 2010

first post. the parka!

Parka, tank top and crop top - all New Look, scarf and skirt - both H&M, shoes - Topshop

Well this is my first post, and I'm hoping I don't disappoint! This blog will be both a documentation of my outfits and my inspirations. I've started this blog because I think about nothing but clothes and fashion 24/7, and I need to tame this obsession through the use of writing, rather than spending all of my money on ridiculously expensive fashion magazines. Other than reading fashion magazines, I love art and english, and I want to study fashion journalism in London when I graduate from high school here in the Netherlands. There's something about fashion journalism that intrigues me so much more than designing or styling, and I believe this is a persons ability to formulate words in such a way that can completely engulf you in an article about an item of clothing, until the point where you are running out of the door, purse in hand, heels not quite on your feet, racing to the shops to buy that item. At the moment, I am that person!

I'm not complaining, because I can't think of anything better than buying that pair of shoes you've been lusting after for weeks that you saw Alexa Chung wearing in British Vogue. Yes, that's the power of the fashion industry. I have many, MANY inspirations, but the key figures in my fashion world are Mary-Kate Olsen, Alexa Chung, Carolina Centenera,  Nicole Richie,  Zoe Kravitz, Sienna Miller and Chloe Sevigny.  I love fashion that isn't too "put together", and that looks right, even when it sometimes shouldn't. 

As a 16 year-old English girl living in Holland, it's been difficult to work with fashion and try to get the best out of it as the shops here aren't fantastic, and there isn't much individuality over here, unless you're situated in Amsterdam where it is more internationally influenced. My saviours are Zara and H&M, and if I want something better, I have to travel to Amsterdam to get to River Island, Bershka, and my favourite vintage shops Episode and Zipper. Then if I really feel like spending hours in the train I can travel to Rotterdam to get to New Look and Primark. Trust me, it isn't easy. I've managed to gather enough information about where to get the good stuff and from that I've created my own style. I want to be the girl that gets stared at when I walk down the street, because if not I feel boring and I don't want to blend in. Fashion is all about standing out as a person.

Through this blog, I want you all to see how I play the "hunter-gatherer" when it comes to fashion, and how I put things together that don't necessarily cost the world. I'll also post about my hobbies, such as baking, photography and writing, as I want to keep you all interested! Please keep me updated with what YOU want to read in my blog! Thank you for reading and watch this space! 


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  1. LEUK! Ik zag je outfit op lookbook...vind je parka leuk gecombineerd zo!!